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Where It All Began

two women food tasting

Give it to Tracy,
she’ll eat it.

That is how it all began. What does that mean? Let me explain.

Growing up in an Italian family predisposed me to a life and love of food. You may call it a stereotype, but it was definitely our reality. It didn’t matter if you were coming to stop by for a few minutes or coming to stay for a few hours or longer. My parents always made sure that there was food in front of you. I have a mother that I, very affectionately, call a food pusher… but in the very best way. For her, “Food is Love”. Love is expressed in many ways, but her love language is definitely food. She and my father wanted to make sure that anyone that came into our home was comfortable, happy, and had everything that they needed.

My Mom would cook amazing meals with so much love. Though my Dad didn’t do much of the cooking at home, he did love to eat and make sure we were all well-fed. Meals out at restaurants made him happy as well as Mom’s food. He showed his love by sampling the menu at any restaurant we visited. The “clean plate” club wasn’t a thing in our home, so we were never forced to eat everything on our plate, but we did a darn good job on our own.

Occasionally, it would happen that someone would leave something on their plate; at home or at a restaurant. Although leftovers were always in our fridge, Dad still wanted to see if anyone wanted to eat more before packing things up. Any time someone left food on their plate, Dad would say those special words, “Give it to Tracy, she’ll eat it”. I’m not sure when or why, but the saying started when I was a kid and became a regular thing. Do you know what? I did. I ate what was left on that plate. I don’t like wasting food and if it tastes good, then that’s a bonus.

The food tours started out of a love of food, but also in honor of my parents. I just show the love in a different way. I don’t do the cooking like my Mom did. Instead, I bring my guests to great restaurants for them to cook and do the dishes. 😉

The experience of eating a great meal, with great people over great conversation, is key. If I haven’t already, I hope to be able to share the love with you as well. Cheers to you and remember that food IS the occasion!

Happy Eating,

Italian Mother

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